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Company EasyCo s.r.o.

Distribution of Smart and Consumer Electronics accessories

Bringing the latest technology to our markets we are recongized as trendsetters. We support represented brands by a high focus on communication, merchandizing, product trainings, en user support and other premium level services.

Founded 1995
Legal type LLC
Central office & warehouse: Prague, Czechia, EU
50+ brands (majority with granted exclusivity)
17 persons in total (8 active in sales)
Covering 8 countries (EU)

We’re obsessed with technology. We bring great smart products to our market. Often they are so unexpectedly new that they provoke. We like the most those that can even change our lives. What used to be a technological exaggeration later becomes a new standard. With each of our products, we first live our own story and only if we are excited as its user will we present it to our customers too. So that we can stand by our products at any time.
— Daniel Pavelka, CEO

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Our territory

8 countries within EU:
Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria
95 million total market population

Leading e-commerce subjects

Leading retail store chains


Major telco companies

Many specialized channels

Besides general CE channels we cover many other specialized ones. Among others: Health, Education, Pet, Sport, Fashion, Toys, Babycare, GPS, Auto-moto…

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Grow with us

We put our hearts and souls into providing the best service for our customers and our brands. We organize regular workshops for buyers, trainings for store personnel, meetings with medias, etc. Feel free to visit us!

Our goals for 2020 in terms of our internal development are linked to two main concepts: automation and integration. We want to achieve higher level of professionalism via enhanced data knowledge and precisely polished flow of our internal processes.

Towards our customers we started last year new way of closer cooperation with key partners. As it proved to be successful approach we want to continue in deepening this and applying with other resellers too.

Of course there needs to be a graph in our presentation. But luckily our graph is great.